Tips for Maintaining Your Garage Door

As a homeowner, keeping your garage door and lock in good shape is important. A well-maintained garage door is more aesthetically pleasing, but it's also safer and can save you money on repairs in the long run. 

A good lock is an integral part of a properly functioning garage door. You can use the advice in this article to select the ideal garage door lock for your house.

Why a good garage door lock is important

A garage door lock is integral to keeping your home and possessions safe. A good garage door lock will deter thieves from breaking in and help to keep your family and belongings safe.

There are several different types of garage door locks available on the market, and choosing the best one for your needs is crucial.

Types of Garage Door Locks

Many locks are suitable for garage doors. Here are the typical ones homeowners use:

1. Deadbolts

These locks are installed in the door frame and have a bolt that slides into a receiver in the door. Deadbolts are perhaps among the most secure types of locks available and are often used in conjunction with other locks, such as knobs or handle locks.

Best garage door lock - an old garage door with a keyhole and a lever handle

2. Lever Locks

Lever locks, also called lever tumblers, are a type of lock that, as the name suggests, opens the door by moving a lever. Garage doors often pair up with lever locks because they are simple in design. You can open them from the outside with a key.

3. Padlocks

Padlocks serve two primary purposes. They can keep trespassers out of a restricted area or building or protect a valuable possession from theft. For instance, when used to secure a garage or shed, their purpose serves both functions.

4. Keyless Entry Systems:

Best garage door lock - a remote control being used to open a garage door

A lock that doesn't need a key to work is called a "keyless entry system." Keyless entry systems are becoming more popular on garage doors because they are convenient and offer a high level of security.

Choosing the Best Garage Door Lock

Here are a few considerations to make while picking the ideal locks for your house:

1. Type of door you have

What kind of lock you need for your garage door depends on the door itself. A hinged door lock will differ from one for a roll-up door.

2. Level of security you need

Your desired level of protection will direct the kind of lock you choose when you shop for one. If you live or work in an area with a lot of crime, you should take extra steps to protect your home or business.

3. Your budget

The kind of lock you can buy depends on how much you are willing to spend. There is a wide range in price for locks, so it's important to look around for the best price.

Installing Your Garage Door Lock

Once you've decided on the best door lock for your needs, you will need to install it. If you are not at ease installing the lock yourself, you can hire a professional to do it for you.

If you are installing the lock yourself, be sure to follow the instructions that come with the lock—got questions? Contact the manufacturer for assistance.

Maintaining Your Garage Door Lock

Best garage door lock - a woman's hand turning a key to a garage door lock

It is vital to maintain your garage door lock after installing it. Be sure to lubricate the lock regularly with WD-40 or a similar product. This will help to keep the lock functioning properly and prevent it from rusting.

Test the lock regularly to ensure it is working properly. You can do this by trying to open the door with the lock in place. If you can't open the door, the lock functions correctly.

If you have problems with your garage door lock, you should call a professional for help.

Maintaining your lock can prevent problems and save you money in the long run.

Also, a reputable locksmith can help you choose the best door locks for your home. They will take into account all the considerations discussed in this article. With their help, you can choose one that will give you peace of mind and keep your family safe.

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