What is Locksmithing and How Does it Work?

What’s involved when you pop a lock?

When you need the nearest 24-hour locksmith, it usually means security is an issue! Fortunately, there are locksmiths who are committed to their jobs and are on call for this service. Whether you are locked out of your home, or your car,  it's no problem for these dedicated technicians! It makes you wonder what it is that locksmiths really do. 

We can tell a lot about the nature of locksmith work by looking at the name. At the most fundamental level, a lock is a fastening device that can be either mechanical or electronic, and that can be operated by a corresponding key, or security token. A smith is a person who works to craft things, usually out of metal. Locksmithing, then, is the designing and building of locks and their keys.

A locksmith is in one way a designer and solver of puzzles. Locksmithing has been around almost as long as people have needed to keep things secure. We have been constructing locks for over 2500 years; the earliest locks were made of wood. For centuries, the work of a locksmith involved designing and fashioning the lock from raw material by hand – so much for your cheap locksmith! In the eighteenth century with the rise of industrial machinery, lock designs became significantly more complicated, and the work of the locksmith began to change from hand-fabricating to designing and repairing locks.

Today the primary work of locksmiths is to install high-quality locksets, and to design, install and manage key control systems. As locks become increasingly common, there is a greater demand for both commercial, residential, and automotive locksmith services. Most locksmiths also service electronic locks, such as transponder keys for vehicles, and access control systems for both home and commercial applications. The huge increase in the number of locks has also given rise to 24 hour locksmith services, because emergencies usually happen at inconvenient times!

You might say that a locksmith is a designer and solver of puzzles. Whether it’s a home, commercial property, or car locksmith, their work is to assess the level of risk to those involved and provide an appropriate solution that exceeds the potential gain to an intruder. In other words, a locksmith comes up with a security solution that makes it not worth the intruder’s time to try to defeat it.

At Star Spangled Locksmithing our constant goal is to improve our technical expertise and practical understanding so we can provide you with the best locksmithing services Johnson City has to offer. Our customers appreciate our commitment, and we trust you’ll see the difference it makes. Whether you’ve locked the keys in your car, locked yourself out of your house, or need to rekey an entire building, contact us, your nearest 24-hour locksmith, today for all your locksmithing needs in Johnson City.