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When you’re locked out, call the professional automotive locksmith in Johnson City , TN for fast, reliable, trustworthy locksmith service for cars, trucks, SUVs and motorcycles.

Star Spangled Locksmithing offers powerful lock and key solutions for your vehicle, commercial or residential access and security needs. Whether you need prompt emergency service or need a keying plan for a brand-new building, or anything in between, give us a call. Install a new lock or deadbolt, or get your locks rekeyed when you move into a new property.

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    Mobile and car locksmith

    Call us to get un-stranded! Are you and your keys on opposite sides of your car?
    We'll open your vehicle quickly and easily so that you can get back on the road and back to your regular life.

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    We Do More than just Pop a Lock

    If your key is broken in the lock, give us a call. This is work that should be handled by trained professionals. Your vehicle locks are a piece of precision machinery. Operating on your lock without appropriate tools and training will probably result in unnecessary damage, longer time needed for repair, and higher costs.

    Call us. We’ll remove the broken key from your vehicle lock and make you a replacement! We can create replacement transponder keys as well for most vehicle makes and models.

    Have you lost your key? Lost keys, whether for a car, truck or motorcycle, don’t need to bring your life screeching to a halt. Call Star Spangled Locksmithing for all your Johnson City, TN locksmith services. Whether you’re at home, at work, or practically anywhere else, we’ll get you a replacement key so that you can get to where you need to be.

    Emergency Locksmith in Johnson City, TN with Extended Hours

    Reach out to us at any time! We offer extensive hours, because getting stuck doesn’t just happen 9-5. If you’re locked out, or if your child or pet are locked in your vehicle, we can help fast! Our auto locksmith services are here for you in an emergency.


    Call us for auto locksmith services before you call your auto dealer

    Avoid wait times, towing fees, and dealer premiums on replacement keys by making your first call to the best Locksmith Johnson City TN has to offer - Star Spangled Locksmithing. Whatever your car key replacement needs: transponder keys (the kind of key that uses a computer chip) keys, remote keys, high security laser cut, or standard automotive keys, make us your first call for your needs. Call the locksmith phone number now!

    Secure your vehicle! Make sure that your valuable vehicle has functional locks and keys! We can help you with every aspect of your auto locks, including transponder keys.

    Call the local crew: We're the locally owned and operated lock experts! That means that we'll get to you more quickly and treat you with more respect than the competition.

    Vehicle remote controls

    Is your car’s remote keyless entry broken? We can program a new vehicle remote for you.

    Mobile Locksmith Service

    Star Spangled Locksmith Johnson City TN is pleased to offer mobile locksmith services. In order to provide the best service experience, we’ve outfitted our mobile unit with a full setup of modern locksmithing equipment. Whether you are locked out, or need a lock re-keyed, repaired, or installed, we want to provide you with reliable, professional work – wherever you are.

    What is a Transponder Key?

    You may not have heard the name, but odds are good that you’ve come across transponder keys; maybe your own car uses one. Transponder devices use a microchip to transmit a signal from the key to a receiver. These microchips are programmed with a unique serial number by the manufacturer. They operate on a similar principle to a key fob such as you’d use on an office or apartment building, and are also found on gates, garage doors, and home security systems.

    In the case of your vehicle, transponder keys are created by inserting a microchip about the size of a grain of rice into the head of the key.  When the key is turned in the ignition, a signal is sent to the transponder. The transponder converts that signal into electricity and generates a signal that contains its unique digital signature. If the digital signature is recognized, the vehicle will start. For the past twenty years, transponder keys have been an increasingly common anti-theft feature on new cars by making them impossible to hotwire.

    Transponder keys are more expensive to produce than traditional keys for two reasons. First, the key itself uses more, and more expensive, components. Second, because manufacturer software is being updated constantly, we need to maintain state-of-the-art equipment and software so that we can service all the latest makes and models.

    If you need a new transponder key, don’t make your first call to the dealership! Call Star Spangled Locksmithing. We can help you with your needs – we use the exact same equipment that the dealers use, and we beat their prices every time.


    Johnson City, TN Locksmith

    There are lots of things to consider when you own a business. By taking care of your building security, you’ll have more energy to focus on building your business. Call us for all your commercial city locksmith or industrial locksmith needs.

    Have you had a personnel changeover or taken on new staff? This is the time to rekey your business. Maybe you want to update your professional space with panic bars, door closers, or automatic entrances. Or take your security into the twenty first century with high-tech access control systems. Or maybe you need keys for desks, filing cabinets or safes. Whatever your commercial locksmithing  situation, you can have full assurance in lock and key solutions from the professionals at Star Spangled Locksmithing.

    Call us for:

    • Office doors
    • Automatic doors
    • Storefront doors
    • Exterior building doors
    • Glass doors
    • Electronic access
    • Keyless and high security lock installations and repairs

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    Your local Johnson City, TN locksmith

    If you’re locked out of your house, don’t try to force your way in. Trying to get into your home, car or office without a properly functioning key is a short-term gain that often leads to long-term pains, including unnecessary wear and tear on your locks, door handles and knobs, as well as your doors. This all leads to costly repair bills down the road. Before you try to force an entry, call us! We’ll bring the expertise and all the right tools to get your doors open properly. We’ll keep your locks in good working order so they can continue protecting what’s important to you.

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    Not just your emergency locksmith!

    Call Star Spangled Locksmithing for all your residential locksmith needs in the Tri-Cities area of Johnson City, Bristol, or a locksmith in Kingsport TN. Whether it’s a job as small as getting you in when you’re locked out, or as big as re-keying your entire home (recommended for new home purchases), we can help. We can also consult and offer expert recommendations on your home security needs, and install new features such as deadbolts and doorknobs. Or maybe you’ve just got an annoying lock that no longer lines up with your door frame. For jobs large or small, we’re here to help with courteous, professional, guaranteed locksmithing work.

    New Home Purchases: Call the City Locksmiths

    Most security experts, law enforcement, and insurance agencies recommend changing the locks when you purchase a new home. This ensures that anyone connected with the previous owner doesn’t have uninvited access to your property. Call the best Locksmithing Johnson City TN has seen! Star Spangled Locksmithing - for all your home security and locksmithing needs.

    If you’ve got an older home, it’s also wise to get the locks inspected. When old locks get weathered and worn, they stop working the way they were designed to. Call us to help keep your property secure with professional locksmithing services in Johnson City. We can perform a complete assessment of your property’s unique needs, and make sure you have the assurance of a lock and key plan that has been tailor made for you. We have relationships will all the top hardware manufacturers, ensuring you get quality you can rely on.

    Residential services we offer:

    • Locks rekeyed and repaired
    • Safe combinations changed
    • Safes opened and repaired
    • High security locks
    • Sharpening
    • Emergency garage door openings


    Have you forgotten the combination to your safe or strongbox? Is your safe not opening? We can help with all your safe-cracking needs without damaging or compromising the safe or its contents! Call us for support with:

    • Changing your safe combination
    • Retrieving a lost or forgotten combination
    • Installing a new electronic safe lock
    • Installing a new mechanical safe lock
    • Installing a new safe
    • Repairing boltwork

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    for professional locksmith service on a wide variety of foreign and domestic safes.

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