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The following are questions that a locksmith in Johnson City TN is frequently asked. Read on for answers

What’s the Difference between Rekeying vs. Lock replacement

Both operations solve the same problem: they establish who has access. In a rekeying, the lock itself is not removed from the door. Instead, the locksmith works on the existing lock and changes the pinning inside it. This new pinning requires new keys, and the old ones will not work with it. If your locks are in good condition, but you need to update who has access to the building, rekeying is a good option.

A lock replacement is just what it sounds like. Unlike a rekeying, your current lock is either disassembled or the locksmith cuts into the door to install a new lock.

If your business needs a rekeying or lock replacement, give us a call! We’ll make sure you have the security and assurance of a quality lock and key system.

What’s the difference between Commercial and Industrial Locksmithing?

In terms of the type of work that a locksmith in Johnson City performs, the difference is fairly minimal. You could even think of industrial as a type of commercial locksmith work.

An industrial locksmith is able to do their work in conformity site safety requirements in a number of industrial settings, such as gas and petroleum sites, aircraft hangars, or even nuclear sites.

What’s the difference between traditional and electronic lock systems?

The most obvious difference is the way they’re operated. Traditional mechanical locks use a physical key as the security token, while electronic locks use a digital security token. The most common format is a transponder system. Electronic systems are not necessary or practical in some applications, but they have several advantages over traditional mechanical locks:

The flexibility of programming:

Access control is much more customizable with an electronic system. Do you need to control the hours at which certain people can have access? Or do you want to eliminate key sharing? An electronic system gives you the programming control to manage these and many more variables.

Automate access:

Control which doors will be accessible through automated access programming.

Manage Visitors:

Electronic systems have the ability to create temporary visitor IDs, set expiration dates for access, as well as record and track visitors at your facility.

Electronic Notifications:

Program notifications of all different types of system events, such as forced entry, door held open, access denied, or panic alarm. Send those notifications to an email account. Receive notifications in real-time or schedule regular event reports.

Establish Distinct Door Alarms:

Set different types of alarms to alert your team to different security events. Know right away whether you’re dealing with a case of forced entry, door held open, access denied panic alarms and more.

Smart Building Controls:

Program user access cards with the ability to control lights, HVAC, or an alarm system.

There are limitless options when it comes to the security of everything that’s important to you. Let us help you decide whether a traditional or electronic lock system is right for your unique situation. Whatever your needs, Star-Spangled Locksmithing, the best locksmith in Johnson City TN, is here to support you. Call us today!