Locksmith Tips and Tricks You Need To Know!

Locks are not just locks. They can be so much more than that! With locksmiths, locks become an art form, and locksmiths become artists. Not all locks are created equal; therefore, not all locks work the same way. While many locks come with instructions for use, sometimes it is necessary to know other locksmith tips and tricks to get things done quickly and efficiently. 

Here are some locksmith tips and tricks to help you out when you're in a pinch!

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1.) Different locks have different purposes

Not all locks are made to provide security or privacy. Locks can also be used as an artistic decoration. Other times locks can denote status, like having a certain kind of lock on your house to indicate that it's a higher-class neighbourhood.

In any case, locksmiths can help you find the locks that suit your needs.

2.) Get your locks rekeyed 

You probably already know that locks are not one hundred percent secure. If you have locks, no matter how tough they are, there is always the threat of them being picked open. That's why locksmiths offer lock rekeying services to help you out. Rekeying locks something you can do to make locks more challenging to pick, thus better protecting your home or business. 

Luckily locksmiths exist! Locksmiths can help by increasing security on locks or opening locks, so they work again.

3.) Know the different kinds of locks

There are many locks to choose from, and not all locks are equal. Knowing the locks you choose can help you understand locks better. Here are some locks to be aware of: padlocks, deadbolts, door locks, bike locks, mailboxes, locks for gates, locks for cabinets, etc.

4.) Always keep spare keys around

Okay, maybe don't actually "hide" these keys in places like under your doormat (wouldn't that be an excellent place for criminals to look?!) but rather keep it in a safe place. This way, if you lose your only key, you can still get back in!

5.) You don't necessarily need locks to stop thieves

Believe it or not, the locks that come on doors are simply for privacy and stopping others from entering your house. To keep burglars out of your stuff, you need an alarm system. Alerting the police is also helpful! Once they're out there looking for suspicious activity, they'll track down any would-be burglars and hopefully lock them up before they ever think about stealing anything else again!

6.) You can rekey locks without a locksmith

If you're the only one who has a key, but you don't want to spend tons of money going all the way to a locksmith, you can pick up locks and keys from different hardware stores. Bring your old lock-in, and they should be able to help! Then once it's been changed out, leave the old key with them so no one else can use it on your new locks!

7.) Keep locks clean for better function

Many people don't think about it, but locks need to stay clean in order to work correctly. Locks aren't just used as an effective deterrent against burglars; many times, they also serve as access control. 

You want locks to function properly to make sure that people who should be able to get into your locks (like family and friends) can, while keeping out the people who shouldn't have access to it (like burglars).

8.) Practice makes perfect when it comes to locks!

Locks take a bit of time and effort for them to work correctly. While you might not need locksmiths' services every day or even every month, practicing locks will help you become good at picking locks open yourself! 

Knowing how locks work is crucial for making them function well again if you ever need locks fixed when there isn't a locksmith nearby. This requires practice and patience! As such, if you're looking for locks to practice on, locksmiths often sell locks that are no longer useful (like locks from old doors) at low prices, so you can start practicing today!

9.) Locks also function as status symbols

Classy people who live in fancier neighbourhoods tend to have locks with more features. No, locksmiths don't need to come and change these locks out or anything like that; it's just a way of letting everyone know what sort of neighbourhood they're living in. If you ever want to upgrade your door locks, consult with local locksmiths first! 

They'll be able to help point out some of the nicer locks available for purchase that will fit into any budget.

10.) Hiring locksmiths isn't just for big jobs

You probably already know locksmiths assist people with large locksmithing jobs. But locksmiths are also there for you when you need something small done! 

Have a broken lock on your apartment door? Tried to put your key into the wrong slot? Have you locked yourself out of your car again? A locksmith can help even with tiny locks on an exterior mailbox.

11.) Multiple locks are better than one!

For locksmiths, locks tend to come in sets of two or more locks for functional reasons. The locks are just as effective as a single lock, but they have an added benefit: if one lock is compromised, the others remain untouched. As locksmiths will tell you, locks have a common problem: people don't use them correctly! 

For locks to work correctly, you need to use locks correctly and make sure locksmithing jobs are done well!

12.) Take locks with you when buying new locks!

Most locksmiths will be happy to sell locks that they already have on hand, but it's always wise to take locks with you when buying locks. If you're not sure which locks are best for your area, locksmiths are always there to help!

Don't let locks intimidate you- they're not impossible to understand or use. They take some getting used to! Just make sure to always keep spare keys around, and never lose track of them! 

And if you've had locks go missing, lost keys, or misplaced important information about locks (like the brand or the locksmith's number), you better call a locksmith to take care of it! You don't want your keys falling into the wrong hands, after all.

Need more locksmith tips from experts? 

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