4 Tips for Keeping Your House Secure During the Holidays

Once again, the air smells like freshly wrapped gifts and holiday cheer, but you can be sure that thieves are already making plans for their next victim! Finding a reliable locksmith in Johnson City is essential at this time.

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People from all walks of life travel and leave their homes during the winter holidays to celebrate the season—plenty of chances to have fun and be merry. 

However, let us not lose sight of the fact that home burglaries always increase from fall through winter. Protecting your home from intruders and ensuring they can't enter is crucial.

The reliable locksmith service you use in Johnson City has put together a list of tips that can make the holidays safer for you:

Don't Post Your Travel Plans

It is not a good idea to post about your planned trip on social media, even though doing so may be highly tempting. If you must tell certain people, make every effort to keep the conversation private and avoid disclosing it to the public. 

Sharing information about where you’re going, when you’re leaving and coming back, could help would-be burglars plan their most effective attack.

Hide Your Packages

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Everyone has a nice mental picture of a Christmas tree with neatly wrapped presents around it. On the other hand, this is a beacon that home invaders can use to find their way straight to newly bought and valuable items. 

Your house could become an easy target as a result of this. Hide them somewhere so no one can see them, particularly if you are away from home.

Tell  Your Neighbors if You Travel

It is essential to have open lines of communication with your neighbors if you will be away from your home during this time. 

They can help you hide your packages or hold them for you, making it less likely that someone will steal your things.

To give the impression to would-be thieves that someone is in the home, your neighbors can also turn on the lights for you.

Get Your Locks Checked or Replaced

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Even the strongest locks can break down over time and after much use. The arrival of cold weather is another thing that could cause damage to internal mechanisms. 

Before the holidays, it's a good idea to have a professional locksmith check your home's locks to ensure they are still in good shape. They can figure out any problems with the home's security and replace any parts that need to be changed to make the home safer.

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